Defense Auto Packaging Solutions – GWP TAKES ON NEW CHALLENGES

July 09, 2021
- by Albert Fernandes​
When it comes to product packaging, the options are endless, with size, volume, and weight all influencing packing material selections. Safety and Product protection from external factors have been a major concern by Customers and Packaging service providers, which has led to renewed focus on innovative packaging designs.
Albert Fernandes​

GWP successfully completed a Defense-Auto Packaging project for one of our prize customers recently. This time-critical project involved Packaging and transport of automobile-Defense components to be exported out of India in an SKD condition. Despite the obvious concerns that arise in any time-sensitive delivery, our expert team rose to the occasion to ensure seamless operations in record time.

The parts and components of Auto Defense components had to be packed and exported in SKD (Semi-Knock Down) condition at Chennai. GWP leveraged its network of stakeholders and expert personnel from Bengaluru,Karnataka, to work with the client and understand their requirement, We had to understand and define dimensions/ size/volume/weight. Once this was done, the team designed and developed the most -cost-effective packaging solution (which were made to measure) for each product.

Keeping in mind the weight of each part , suitable pallets were designed with the right reinforcement and side wall crating to ensure safety and protection during transit. To ensure protection from external agents such prevent water seepage and rust formation, VCI Packaging (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor packaging film) and LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) bags were provided where ever required.