What flute packaging do you prefer?

July 7, 2022

Single wall (3ply)

Includes 2 liners and 1 flute
The flute can be A,B,C,E which is used mainly in primary packaging , where the packing comes directly in contact with the product . Suitable for light weight products or products of a smaller size .

Double wall (5ply)

Includes 3 liners and 2 flutes
Flutes are the element that provides strength and rigidity to a board .A double-wall box is an excellent option for light weight cargo and can be widely used in primary, secondary or Tertiary packaging and also for partitions or separators.

Triple wall(7ply)

Corrugated board includes 5 liners and 3 flutes
This board is mainly used for heavy duty and high strength applications. 7ply AAA BOARDS have emerged as an alternative replacement to wooden boxes due to its high strength taking capabilities and have a weight taking capacity of 1-2tons. Preferably used in Tertiary packing.