You might say that your employers are in charge of your safety and #MentalHealth at work!

June 25, 2022


It is your employer's responsibility to provide a safe and healthy working environment.

  • Clear expectation

    Better performance can be encouraged by clear communication in the workplace, which can also help to solve unneeded issues. A strong team may be built and overall productivity can rise with excellent clear and concise communication in the workplace.

  • Respectful workplace

    A productive workplace is one that values respect. It encourages cooperation among coworkers and boosts efficiency and production at work. It conveys to workers that they are appreciated for their skills, traits, and accomplishments and that their contribution is critical to the success of their organisation.

  • Safe space

    More than only preventing accidents or the spread of illness, a safe workplace prioritises the welfare of its workers. A safe workplace is one where staff members feel comfortable and get to work in a setting that promotes mutual respect, business values, and a safe area.

  • Training and Equipment

    Training and development programmes are crucial because they give staff members the opportunity to acquire specific information or skills that will boost performance. Instead of focusing on immediate career role enhancement, development programmes comprise a more comprehensive personnel growth strategy for future success.


You are accountable for being prepared to work in a physical, mental, and social sense.

  • Physically ready

    Get up early so you have time to yourself before you need to start getting ready. Your body will feel rushed and more anxious if you get ready right away, but if you give yourself plenty of time, you will feel calm and prepared for the day.

  • Mentally ready

    Self-talking in the mirror can be an effective approach to remind yourself of all the amazing attributes and personality traits you have will ensure that you are psychologically prepared on the day.

  • Socially ready

    Working-related socializing improves interpersonal ties. Speaking about more personal issues or events occurring in one's daily life away from work is socializing. This fosters the intimate interaction between individuals.