Lithium ion Batteries

GWP has years of experience with dangerous goods regulations, and can provide packaging solutions that comply with international standards.

Lithium-ion batteries and related goods must be transported with extreme caution and thought. We guarantee that these items will be safely packaged so that they may be sent over long distances safely and securely. The boxes are simple to assemble and dismantle, and the box containing lithium batteries is transported safely.

Because of their flammability, lithium batteries have been classified as hazardous commodities (class 9) by the United Nations. If lithium batteries are not handled properly, they could pose a significant threat to safety. In addition, different considerations such as the battery's weight, size, or handling requirements make transporting batteries a cumbersome exercise.

The most frequent method of packaging of Lithium-Ion Batteries are pre-approved packaging materials that are already authorised for the product. However, due to different considerations such as the product's weight, size, or handling requirements, this is not always practical or viable. We can walk you through the process at GWP to assist you figure out which technique is ideal for your requirement.

GWP has a variety of dangerous products certifications covering a variety of boxes, all of which are authorised according to international standards. All of these boxes, either on their own or in combination with tailor-made interior packing, provide full protection from these dangerous items. To understand if our solutions fall in line with your product requirement, we first do an assessment of the type of packaging permissible for use as per the classification (under dangerous goods categories) of your product. We then consider the weight, size and mode of transport to ensure that the right certification for your merchandise is given, ensuring a hassle-free experience.