Nail-less Collapsible Boxes

In the past, if you needed to package and send things in durable containers, chances are you may rely on a hammer and nails to create packing solutions. However, there is another alternative — no-nails foldable packaging – that might save you time, money, and be more ecologically friendly. You may pick the packaging solution that is suitable for your organisation by identifying some of the nail-free choices available, and you'll get a number of fantastic benefits in return. Plywood Boxes with No Nails

Nail free plywood boxes are the finest medium for constructing a sturdy, nail-free packaging and shipping solution. Plywood boxes are simple to construct and may be folded down to take up little storage space if they aren't nailed together. These options are ideal for long-term storage and transit, as well as export shipments. GWP offers you a range of 6-piece, 4-piece and 3-piece nail-less boxes.

  • Lightweight
  • Quick Assembly
  • Simple and Safe
  • Strong
  • Weather-resistant
  • Efficient
  • Reusable

6 Piece Box


4 Piece Box

Nail-less Collapsible Boxes

3 Piece Box